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We are the bikey, bikey boys! 

Cute tune from the kids in Nyirripi community. Watch out, it’ll get stuck in your head…

Australia’s Indigenous languages “Top 10 moments in the sun ›


Greg Dickson over at Fully (Sic) has come up with his top ten highlights for indigenous languages in Australia. It’s a lovely little celebration and well word a read!

I love the final “special mention” in this article: 

"Unselfconscious Indigenous language speakers – Go to Coles in Alice or Casuarina Mall in Darwin and when you see a happy Aboriginal couple or family confidently doing their shopping without uttering a word of English to each other, you understand that a society that allows Australia’s Indigenous languages to flourish wouldn’t be a disaster at all.”

Why did Julia Gillard cry in parliament on Tuesday about a natural disaster, then deliver a dry-eyed speech on Wednesday about an enduring human catastrophe?

Bev Manton, chairwoman of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, writing today about the Prime Minister’s annual Close the Gap speech.

Prime Minister Gillard displayed a dismal lack of understanding of the fundamental barriers facing Indigenous Australians when she used the speech to call for a “change in behaviour” to help meet the Close the Gap targets.

I am frustrated, angry and sad. Any faith, hope and trust I had in our politicians has disappeared since living in the Territory, and I don’t know if they will ever return. 

I have no words better than those of Bev Manton.

Cutest animation ever!