“There is nothing in our material world more beautiful than the book.” ~ Patti Smith, in her National Book Award acceptance speech.

I finished Patti Smith’s ‘Just Kids’ today. Bittersweet, intimate and inspiring.

Cassette tape haul from Freo Vinnies - $3! (Taken with instagram)

Heading into Perth… (Taken with Instagram at Mosman Park Train Station)

Taken with Instagram at Penguin Island, Rockingham

mypenworld: don’t let the sunshine in

Intervention Intervention - Artists respond to the ongoing Northern Territory Intervention. At The Vanishing Point, Newtown, Sydney

NYE in Perth with GLO STICKS (Taken with Instagram at Cottesloe Beach)

#Nye  #GLO stick  #Perth  

We’re on our way to Perth to see my cousin. He doesn’t have an air conditioner… (Taken with instagram)

Good morning (Taken with instagram)

It’s a bright blue evening under our clothesline…